New illustrations

January 22 , 2018

These 4 illustrations and the cover I made for a personal project
that was based on a folkloric tale.
My main idea was to use less color but try new materials and bring
 some mood into the images.


book illusrtation


To the Baba Yaga story

working on some scary stuff

End of the 2017

January 8 , 2018

December is gone but I managed to spend time in the studio painting
 and these are what have done at the end of last year.
I recorded a lot of stories in my Instagram account talking about
 the process of working on these and other finished/unfinished
 abstract paintings. 
Too bad that they are posted for a day only and then they are gone. 
My main goal was to explore a different color combination
 and try to paint more abstractly. 
The latter is very appealing to me and feels like I need 
a lot more time to accustom myself in this new visual reality. 
Like I just started opening a big wrapped box with an unknown 
object inside and had to leave it till later. 
I can't wait to get back to it.

Dec, 2017

Dec, 2017