October 16, 2015

Mini projects : preparing for the class

This week I did these mini assignments in preparation for the 5-weeks online school 
that is well known as "MATS" by Lilla Rogers and here are the pictures 
I took for my IG report. I am going to join a huge community of creative 
people and learn learn learn. I looooove to work to a brief, draw sketches in a sketchbook, spend hours in Adobe Illustrator world of pattern, dream up some characters so it is right up my alley.  
Bring it on, Lilla Rogers!

Mini preps for #MATS - imaginary planet

Mini preps for #MATS - favorite shoes

Mini preps for #MATS - art and design

Mini preps for #MATS - shades and textures

September 18, 2015

Summer round up : sewing

This week's photo report is about some sewing I have been doing lately. 
I managed to finish a quilt and give it away to a family member, 
started some new projects that involve hand sewing and paper piecing. 
During cleaning out my bookshelves and re-organizing my fabric stash I
 found some interesting finds like this old Russian book and floral fabric remnants. 
Both are making my inspiration going.

Old book I have found during the cleaning the book shelves

Fabric love

Paper piecing experiments

Getting cozy on the finished quilt

September 11, 2015

Summer round up : florals

Summer is coming to the end and I gathered some bright and cheerful shots
from my Instagram account to share with you.
I really enjoy the square format of Instagram layout that makes me take time and carefully arrange objects to make perfect composition, be aware of colors and textures, see the image through the screen. I follow a lot of talented people there, with amazing galleries.
Instagram is a perfect tool to be a better artist and to be able to share exciting moments with others.

watercolor florals

experimenting with wood surface

watercolor florals


July 24, 2015

Summer flowers : painting and materials

I have been very happy with the colors of the Golden Acrylic paints 
that I have been painting with lately. 
I get more familiar and comfortable with the mediums 
and don't feel intimidated by them as much. 
Acrylic plays great with watercolor, pencils, ink. 
I add some matte medium and when the layer is dry, I can draw with color pencils on top.
Paints could be watered down to be fluid or applied thick to have an opaque effect. 
The best part for me is their saturation that I love so much.
If you scroll down you find the little inventory 
I made of the materials I used for these paintings.  

summer flowers

sketchbook cover

summer flowers

summer flowers

summer flowers

July 3, 2015

So good : to be home

Coming back is always the best part of any travel for me, I make this conclusion every time. 
So good to be home! 
I am going through my photos and notes, some sketches I have done and 
all the things I am putting in the "Memories" department in my head. 
My other mental department "Plans and Ideas" is full and demanding immediate action!
Back to everyday reality now which you can follow on my Instagram and see for yourself.)

filed notes

field notes


wild flowers



May 26, 2015

May 17, 2015

Getting cozy

My house is in the middle of remodeling (we are changing floors in major areas and on the staircase) but I still have (as well as my two cats that are hiding underneath the bed) my bedroom 
as cozy escape from the mess and noise. I took my quilts with me, too for a construction period of time to keep them from dust, but usually the bedroom stays neutral in color (but of many shades of beige and brown) and the only pattern is that busy wallpaper. 
So, what am I reading here? 
Wonderful reading for a Sunday!




March 28, 2015

House quilt rocks

I was so happy this week to open my mail and find this wonderful image!
Donna, one of me readers, sent me an email with the photograph of her adorable quilt top that she 
sewed using the pattern I wrote last year. 
 Donna literally test drove it for me, giving me valuable feedback on the pattern.
This was my first pattern I ever wrote and published and I am very inspired to design more and share them with you. 
Donna, your quilt is awesome! Can't wait to see how you quilt it!


Here is the pattern to download (click on the image)
   PDF tutorial on the house block

February 14, 2015

From sketches to patterns

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day
I have started a new Tumblr blog for patterns only with an idea to make 300 patterns in 2015.
To see more, follow http://paisleyfarm.tumblr.com

February 5, 2015

Illustration Friday #1

This is my first Illustration Friday this year. I am getting used to the acrylic paint that I start liking more for its bright colors.


acrylic and pencils illustration

February 1, 2015

February calendar

My February calendar is here and don't forget to celebrate the Valentine day!
February 2015

to download bigger image click here