April 16, 2014

Endless book

Next segment of the endless book which still need to be attached to the previous page and is progress.
Previous pages could be seen here

Endless book continuation

April 12, 2014

Point Loma, California, new skirt and old shoes

I made this summer skirt from different voile pieces to satisfy my love for colorful fabrics.
The old Converse shoes that have been on trips with me forever are my favorite pair.
A straw hat and a sketchbook, and I am all geared up. 

Summer skirt and sketching gear

Summer voile skirt

the lighthouse

At the lighthouse

At the lighthouse

April 9, 2014

My quilter's soul could not ignore these Cath Kidston shoes so I just had to get a pair!

New shoes

They do match all my quilts!

April 8, 2014

Blue houses

I have started a new sewing project. This will be a quilt of two colors only, blue and cream.
I think it is a nice combination, what do you think?

New sewing project this weekend

I have sewn some practice blocks past weekend and decided to keep going with the pattern and the fabric choice. I think I am getting addicted.
Good thing I have a lot of blue prints, I have been collecting them for a long time just in case.
Time to put cut into them!

New sewing project this weekend

New sewing project this weekend

New sewing project this weekend

March 31, 2014


I am so glad that I took my sketchbook to the trip to San Diego, and as well I took a lot of photographs that now I am just delighted to go though again. And they remind me that hey, San Diego is just couple hours away from Las Vegas! I definitely am planning my next trip.

Sketchbook and a quilt

San Diego

Sketching in Point Loma, CA

March 27, 2014



My new pencil drawing to illustrate the topic "RED"
for Illustration Friday project.


March 17, 2014

Back home from San Diego

If you not following me on Instagram (my user name is paisleyfarm), you are missing on a lot of photographs 
I brought back form San Diego! 
My 3 day trip was wonderful as always and as always, the ocean, air, road, 
colors make me feel like a new person. 
Loving Pacific ocean

Going South!


La Jolla beach, California

Mexican restaurant wall decoration in San Diego

Succulents grow best in California



March 5, 2014

First 2014 finished quilt

T's House quilt

I was very lucky to have the nicest customer, T., who gave me the complete freedom to create this quilt with the fabric choices and the colors that I proposed.
Thank you, T!
Her only wish was to add an owl somewhere in the design.
Such a nice idea! I love how the owl looks hovering above the main house!

T's House quilt

It started out as an idea in a drawing based on this older and much smaller quilt, that I made last year. 
Because I liked how the brown background make all the colors pop, I decided to just go with the same color combination to make a bright and cozy quilt.
I think chocolate brown background is VERY cozy!
I used lots of different prints and batiks, like I did on the smaller quilt.


I made star and house blocks, that I have been showing here on the blog...

New quit in progress...

It grew and grew..

...then I added some ivies and leaves...
End of the week

 ...and my cat was curious about it...
T's House quilt

...and here is the full view after a bit of struggling with photographing, cropping and color adjusting...
T's House quilt full view

I am so happy to know that this quilt will become a part of somebody's life, will bring warmth and coziness
as all quilts are meant.

February 27, 2014

Endless book

Here is the next segment of the artbook (called endless book) I have been slowly filling.
My inspiration for this project is up and down, mostly because I don't have a solid concept for this book
 and I just decided to practice some ideas. 

Folded pages

Next segment

Folded pages

I am doing it as a part of a group on Flickr 
and here http://endless-book.floaty.de/

February 25, 2014

SPACE for Illustration Friday

This week's challenge is "SPACE" and I, like many others, 
have some sort of flying objects on the dark blue background.

Space for IF

Space for IF

February 21, 2014

Found in the desert

Found in the desert

The desert outside of Las Vegas is quite an interesting place, especially if to look at it through the camera.
First of all the sky is always bright blue. Always! So, if you want some extra blue color in your life, you know where to get it in abundance.

Desert's sky

Then, if you look down, there are a lot of prickly things and they all wonderfully textured by somebody who knows how the good texture should look.
The minimalism of the shadow patterns is designed well, as well.

Found in the desert