February 6, 2016

Delicious : chocolate heart cookies

This is very delicious.
Nothing more to say about these rich crunchy buttery cookies 
that you might want to enjoy with your morning coffee
on a Valentine's day morning. 

Очень вкусное печенье из песочного теста, 
супер шоколадное и ароматное.
Рецепт на русском языке ниже под фотографиями.

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

I found the recipe and cooking directions 

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

Valentine's day chocolate cookies

The only way I may adjust/improve this recipe is 
to skip the Sprinkles and
just cover the cookies with dark melted 
chocolate and be generous with it! 
Enjoy and happy Valentine's day!

Рецепт шоколадного печенья
2 чашки муки
2/3 чашки несладкого какао порошка
1/2 ч.ложки соли
1/2 чашки плюс 2 ст. ложки сахара
1 чашка сливочного масла комнатной температуры
1 ч.ложка ванильного экстракта
2 чашки горького шоколада растопить
сладкая присыпка для украшения

*Рецепт дается в американских мерах, 
1 чашка муки равна примерно 140 гр, 
1 чашка сахара равна примерно 200 гр. 

Смешать ингридиенты в тугое тесто, оставить на 30 мин в холодильнике. Разогреть духовку до 175С. Раскатать тесто толщиной 1 см, вырезать формочкой печенье, выпекать 15 минут. Дать остыть и намазать растопленным шоколадом, украсить присыпкой. Дать шоколаду застыть, можно поставить в холодильник для застывания.

January 29, 2016

Weekly journal : January

This year I have decided to revisit the land of journaling and collaging in a notebook,
you know, the hidden world of lists and scribbles decorated with bits and pieces and what not,  
the kind that introverted people like me love a lot.
A messy combination of scrapbooking, notes to self, magazine clippings and grocery lists.
It is highly addictive and creates the whole another meaning to paper junk found around the house. 

weekend artbooking

I developed attachment to my planner and write down literally everything.
Let's see how long it will last but for now here are my 4 January spreads.

1-29-16 planner

weekly #notebook #planner #scrapbook #diary

Artbook scrapjournal notebook journal

journal diary notebook

January 20, 2016

Happy colors : Strawberry Sorbet

I am so excited to announce that my quilt is going to appear in the new 
It is oh so lovely (if I can brag a little about this little cuteness) and pretty easy to make,
so I've decided to set it free in the world of happy quilters for them to make their own 
Strawberry Sorbets!
Look for it on the newsstands in early February 
and stay tuned for a strawberry style giveaway!
If you want to get a digital copy of the magazine click here 

My Strawberry Sorbet quilt is published in McCall's April/March issue http://www.mccallsquilting.com/mccallsquilting/issues/March_April_2016


My Strawberry Sorbet quilt is published in McCall's April/March issue http://www.mccallsquilting.com/mccallsquilting/issues/March_April_2016

starting a new quilt

sample block

December 19, 2015

Getting in the Christmas mood

December in Nevada is not looking very Christmasy, and it takes a little effort to imagine that there is snow somewhere. Christmas tree decoration does the trick, as well as doing some crafting like doodling over a wooden deer head! 

morning coffee

Morning coffee and joirnaling

Doodling with white acrylic on wood

December 11, 2015

Just in time for cold weather

I love scrappy quits.
I love to throw lots of prints in one block, to mix colors, patterns,
textures and flavors and see how it is going to cook look together.
The idea for this quilt was to use up my collection of bits and pieces of brown prints 
I gathered over the years (about 10 of them) of my quilting. 
The Lone Star design is ideal for this purpose as it turned out.
I made 9 perfect stars, all spontaneous and different, no 
planning ahead, just like I love to do most of my quilts.

Brown Quilt

So for this season my house is equipped with chocolate and caramel inspired soft goodness.
I made it almost as big as a king size to be used as an everyday blanket
unless I make a new one for summer.
It has wool batting, oh baby!

Brown Quilt

The quilting part was a challenge, but I pushed through and finished. 
My machine did not like it, though!

Brown Quilt

Happy Holiday season, my quilting friends!

Brown Quilt

October 16, 2015

Mini projects : preparing for the class

This week I did these mini assignments in preparation for the 5-weeks online school 
that is well known as "MATS" by Lilla Rogers and here are the pictures 
I took for my IG report. I am going to join a huge community of creative 
people and learn learn learn. I looooove to work to a brief, draw sketches in a sketchbook, spend hours in Adobe Illustrator world of pattern, dream up some characters so it is right up my alley.  
Bring it on, Lilla Rogers!

Mini preps for #MATS - imaginary planet

Mini preps for #MATS - favorite shoes

Mini preps for #MATS - art and design

Mini preps for #MATS - shades and textures

September 18, 2015

Summer round up : sewing

This week's photo report is about some sewing I have been doing lately. 
I managed to finish a quilt and give it away to a family member, 
started some new projects that involve hand sewing and paper piecing. 
During cleaning out my bookshelves and re-organizing my fabric stash I
 found some interesting finds like this old Russian book and floral fabric remnants. 
Both are making my inspiration going.

Old book I have found during the cleaning the book shelves

Fabric love

Paper piecing experiments

Getting cozy on the finished quilt

September 11, 2015

Summer round up : florals

Summer is coming to the end and I gathered some bright and cheerful shots
from my Instagram account to share with you.
I really enjoy the square format of Instagram layout that makes me take time and carefully arrange objects to make perfect composition, be aware of colors and textures, see the image through the screen. I follow a lot of talented people there, with amazing galleries.
Instagram is a perfect tool to be a better artist and to be able to share exciting moments with others.

watercolor florals

experimenting with wood surface

watercolor florals


July 24, 2015

Summer flowers : painting and materials

I have been very happy with the colors of the Golden Acrylic paints 
that I have been painting with lately. 
I get more familiar and comfortable with the mediums 
and don't feel intimidated by them as much. 
Acrylic plays great with watercolor, pencils, ink. 
I add some matte medium and when the layer is dry, I can draw with color pencils on top.
Paints could be watered down to be fluid or applied thick to have an opaque effect. 
The best part for me is their saturation that I love so much.
If you scroll down you find the little inventory 
I made of the materials I used for these paintings.  

summer flowers

sketchbook cover

summer flowers

summer flowers

summer flowers

July 3, 2015

So good : to be home

Coming back is always the best part of any travel for me, I make this conclusion every time. 
So good to be home! 
I am going through my photos and notes, some sketches I have done and 
all the things I am putting in the "Memories" department in my head. 
My other mental department "Plans and Ideas" is full and demanding immediate action!
Back to everyday reality now which you can follow on my Instagram and see for yourself.)

filed notes

field notes


wild flowers