May 26, 2015

May 17, 2015

Getting cozy

My house is in the middle of remodeling (we are changing floors in major areas and on the staircase) but I still have (as well as my two cats that are hiding underneath the bed) my bedroom 
as cozy escape from the mess and noise. I took my quilts with me, too for a construction period of time to keep them from dust, but usually the bedroom stays neutral in color (but of many shades of beige and brown) and the only pattern is that busy wallpaper. 
So, what am I reading here? 
Wonderful reading for a Sunday!




March 28, 2015

House quilt rocks

I was so happy this week to open my mail and find this wonderful image!
Donna, one of me readers, sent me an email with the photograph of her adorable quilt top that she 
sewed using the pattern I wrote last year. 
 Donna literally test drove it for me, giving me valuable feedback on the pattern.
This was my first pattern I ever wrote and published and I am very inspired to design more and share them with you. 
Donna, your quilt is awesome! Can't wait to see how you quilt it!


Here is the pattern to download (click on the image)
   PDF tutorial on the house block

February 14, 2015

From sketches to patterns

 Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day
I have started a new Tumblr blog for patterns only with an idea to make 300 patterns in 2015.
To see more, follow

February 5, 2015

Illustration Friday #1

This is my first Illustration Friday this year. I am getting used to the acrylic paint that I start liking more for its bright colors.


acrylic and pencils illustration

February 1, 2015

February calendar

My February calendar is here and don't forget to celebrate the Valentine day!
February 2015

to download bigger image click here


January 4, 2015

2015 : Introduction

The new 2015 year has just begun and I thought it was appropriate to write an introductory post for my new visitors and followers. 
My name is Sofia, I am a Ukrainian-American living in Las Vegas, Nevada for the last 15 years. 
Before that I lived in Ukraine where I was born and raised. 
I love the two countries very much and the experience of living in both worlds gives me the chance to see a bigger picture. 
My background is a mix of art, science and crafts. 
Having degree in Civil Engineering allows a nerd in me to love lines, details and proportions. 
The creative side of me loves colors, textures and textiles. 
I am a self-taught artist and a quilter.
My inspiration comes from world cultures, artists' sketchbooks, modern art, music, movies and what I can see in the window. 
I am amazed by creativity of the world wide artistic community. 
This blog is my informal portfolio on 
-pattern design


Last year I fell in love with the world of pattern design, which is closely 
related to my all time passion for fabric and everything made with fabric. 
This year I will continue my exploration of the 
endless and exciting possibilities of patterns and I will be blogging 
about it among all my usual topics. 
And of course, I will make more quilts!






Quilts in 2014 - year review

Sunday sewing

Time to recap my quilting of the 2014. 
Totally I have sewn 7 quilts, 3 of which are big and 4 smaller ones.
It is a mystery to me how some blogger-quilters produce up to 20 quilts a year! 
(I follow a lot of quilting blogs and am amazed by the productivity out there!)
I will share some pictures today here, but all my quilting life is fully recorded and catalogued in Flickr albums.
All my finished quilt on Flickr

2014 quilting recap

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December 31, 2014

Happy 2015!

My greetings to you in the New Year!
I made a calendar for January,
fingers crossed it will become monthly thing!:)

January 2015

to download bigger image click here


December 20, 2014

Cookie time : my favorite recipe

It is time of the year for the house to smell like chocolate cookies, hot cocoa and burning fire place!
I have been making these cookies every year for looong time and sharing my secret recipe now on the blog so you can bake them, too. They will make you happy.


Chocolate cookies

Chocolate cookies

December 12, 2014

Still in an Autumn Mood

Some pictures I took this week using little colorful things laying around the house. 
The pumpkin that survived the Thanksgiving was baked today, made a nice snack topped with the pumpkin butter.

Несколько натюрмортов, составленных из пережившего осенние праздники 
тыквы и тканей, очень осенние краски.

Still in an autumn mood

Still in an autumn mood

Baked pumpkin

December 9, 2014

New Quilt : pastel hexagons

I took this quilt for a walk in the desert to see some bright sun 
that we are so lucky to have this time of the year and to take pictures before I give it to a happy owner 
and it stays inside forever and ever.

This quilt is made of Moda "Nature's Notebook" fabric collection 
by April Cornell that I have bought ages ago. 
Lovely French Country yellow-blue pastel colors.

Я закончила новый квилт и вывела его на прогулку на солнце проветриться и сделать фотографии. У нас стоит отличная зимняя погода. Точнее, у нас еще осень, и листья только начали падать.

New hexagon quilt

Hexagon quilts

The new quilt is made from the same size hexagons that I used for my blue/red quilt, but the finished look is completely different. The colors blend together and look almost seamless. 

Новый желто-голубой квилт сделан из такого же размера 6-угольников, что я использовала для красно-синего квилта, но выглядит совсем по-другому, засчет того, что ткани сливаются друг с другом. Такой пастельный французский кантри стиль получился, хорошо впишется в комнату с винтажной "облупленной" мебелью. 

December 2, 2014

Quilting : the colors and the label

...taking a break between quilting and running errands...
...adoring the easy colors of the fabrics...


...finishing up to embroider the label for the new quilt...

Making a label for a quilt