From sketchbook to finished artwork

November 29 , 2017

This week I have been pushing towards a deadline to finish one of my 
illustration projects. 
In order to do something different I made a free flowing short session 
panting as a sketchbook exercise.
I wanted to explore the subject I started in that earlier "Head" painting.  
And to look into the colors and the negative space 
possibilities and explore them more.

Sketchbook moment

I mounted both pieces on 8"x8" wood boards and now they look 
like a perfect pair.

From sketchbook to finished

Sketchbook moments

November 21 , 2017

Another ongoing project I have been keeping on lately 
is loosely painted scenes that are inspired 
by fashion magazines. 
There are great images in every fashion magazine 
with artistic photography, rich textures and colors.
Endless inspiration and a chance to practice some 
people and animal sketching. 

Sketchbook moment

Sketchbook moment

Baba Yaga story

November 17 , 2017

I am working on a personal project to create illustrations 
to this dark and creepy story based on Russian folklore.
The story is about a little girl and an evil step mother. 
There is a Baba Yaga character in it that brings even 
darker and creepier feeling. 
I really like how it goes, more to come.

working on some scary stuff

To the Baba Yaga story

New art 

children's illustration

November 10, 2017

Work in progress

Something I finished these few weeks.

First one is a painting I made for little Sasha 
(my friend's daughter) for her 3d BD last week. 
She is a lot of fun and reminds me a little bunny.
So, I painted Sasha with bunnies at a cabbage patch.

I also completed 5 weeks Lilla Rogers online course this week
and these two works are what came out the most successful.
Because the class was very intensive (as always!)I have not
 completely finished 
some illustrations the way I wanted 
and I will have to return to working on some of them.
Here are a book cover and an inside illustration for 
Zoe Tucker's story. 

Cover proposal

book illustration