New artwork:  exploring the colors 

August 28, 2017

I have painted these two pieces during the past two weeks. 
My goal was to keep a certain color scheme for each painting. 
So, I created backgrounds with plants and flowers using only a few shades
of green and brown.

untitled 9x12

untitled 9X12

As it usually happens (not always, unfortunately)
after a certain point of working on the pieces they have gotten their own mind and 
started telling me what they wanted to become. 
So they became a sleeping panther (first) and somebody walking through the woods (second).

Both paintings are available for sale.
9x12 acrylic on paper.
Contact me at

Many thanks "Welcome to Night Vale" podcast I was listening to 
while working and being inspired by!

work in progress

Giveaway:  notebooks with birds

August 22, 2017

Popping in to announce a giveaway that is going over at my Instagram.
If you would like to win a set of these cute notebooks with birds and strawberries
stop by and leave a comment!
Designed, printed and bound by truly yours.

Handmade notebooks

Для моих русскоговорящих читателей -
Зайдите ко мне на инстаграм, чтобы выиграть два 
блокнота с птицами и клубникой, которые я сама напечатала и сшила (красной ниткой).

New  artwork:  sketchbook and a unicorn

August 14, 2017

These three paintings were started as sketchbook try outs of some ideas 
that grew to finished works, unexpectedly.

White mouse

My main intention is usually to try a new color combination 
and just to "see what happens if." 
Ah, the power of a sketchbook. 

Blue dog

The downside is that the paper I painted all these painting is 
thinner that I prefer, but still fine.
(I used Canson Mixed Media blue album with 98 lb weight paper) 
I know how it works with me, the moment I have 
a thick expensive white bristol sheet in front of me, I freeze. 

unicorn yoga

A unicorn character is kind of not very me, kind of outside of my language zone.
Not my vocabulary. This is me pretending speaking the unicorn language. 
I hope you understand me.
(I was overdosed on "Welcome to Night Vale" podcast).

unicorn yoga

All paintings are available for sale.
Contact me at

 August  :  lizards and bugs

August 7, 2017

It's August

another take of this story
One of my favorite characters to draw and paint is a lizard.
Last week I painted two almost identical illustrations 
depicting the lizard watching a lady bug
and since it was a beginning of the month, made a screensaver for my phone. 

Now I have two.
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Since I don't have my web shop set up yet, I sell originals 
through my Instagram account.
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Have a wonderful August!