Almost August  :  sketchbook page

July 31, 2017

Today I want to show you a short tutorial of a technique
that I used in my handmade sketchbook to paint this page.

sketchbook page

First, I gessoed the page with white gesso.
Let it dry and painted first layer with blue acrylic.
On top of blue I randomly laid strokes of green paint keeping the center clear. 
I used 3 shades of green to have some color variation.
Then added a couple of bright orange spots planning some flowers.

sketchbook page

After the paint dried I outlined leafy background with white pastel pencil. 
Painted the negative space with dark blue acrylics.

sketchbook page

Added some branches and missing parts..

sketchbook moment

Took a coffee break :)) 
and sketched some sitting figures on a separate paper to decide on a pose.
Painted the girl and flowers, added final details.

sketchbook page


Sketchbook overview  :  live drawing

July 25, 2017

Once a week live painting sessions 
are becoming my favorite art thing to do these days.

live painting sketchbook

This is a second year of me practicing to draw/paint live and finally 
it is slowly becoming more of a free flowing and spontaneous process.
 I noticed that I need to see a model for only 20 min for a reference 
and after that the sketch/mini painting is taking its own life.
I try to not worry about correctness of anatomical structure.
My main interest lays in that moment when the image start showing its own mood 
and start telling me what to do next. 
Most of the times its telling me to add contrast and texture.

Live painting sketchbook

This sketchbook is almost done and becoming one of my most valued possessions.
When I go through it I feel that I grew and most important I am not scared.

Live sketching/painting night

I lay few layers of messy paint strokes on a white sheet in advance. 
Very often I paint the sheets in this sketchbook with paint leftovers 
left from other projects.  

2-28-17 live dwg

LIVEDWG 2-21-17


Strawberry thieves  : acrylic painting 


July 17, 2017

Available for sale
fits in 11x14 matting
Email me at

This is how the process looked:


 It was an intuitive and free flowing painting session 
when I did not set my mind onto an end result.

I started with messy first few layers to get rid of white background. 
I gessoed mix media paper and then painted first acrylic underlayer 
to add texture and set the color scheme.
I wanted the warm peach tone to shine through.

                   Materials I use :
                   acrylic paints (assorted brands)
                   colored pencils

I outlined flowers and birds with colored pencils.
Loosely adding color and sometimes just smudging paint with fingers.


Working on smaller details.
Layering the background.






This week  : bits and pieces

July 9, 2017

Something I have been working on this week...
  Mostly picture books characters, sketches, textures and an unfinished still life with ballerina. 
My cat loves the mess I have created and makes himself very comfortable in the middle of it.

mouse king

Mouse illustration in progress

detail of the process

on the floor

Illustration : courage

July 3, 2017

This illustration was done to the brief for Lilla Roger's online class. 
The assignment was to create a "Courage" Mind Map. 
 So basically it is a poster illustrating a quote 
I selected for the topic about everyday acts of courage.
Mary Anne Radmacher's quote reads 
"Courage does not always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice
 at the end of the day that says I will try tomorrow."  

Courage does not always roar.


I included some process photos because I loved working on this illustration so much.  
It felt very personal and inspiring.
 I used acrylic paints and colored pencils on paper and Photoshop for final editing.

A project in progress