Summer round up : sewing

This week's photo report is about some sewing I have been doing lately. 
I managed to finish a quilt and give it away to a family member, 
started some new projects that involve hand sewing and paper piecing. 
During cleaning out my bookshelves and re-organizing my fabric stash I
 found some interesting finds like this old Russian book and floral fabric remnants. 
Both are making my inspiration going.

Old book I have found during the cleaning the book shelves

Fabric love

Paper piecing experiments

Getting cozy on the finished quilt

Summer round up : florals

Summer is coming to the end and I gathered some bright and cheerful shots
from my Instagram account to share with you.
I really enjoy the square format of Instagram layout that makes me take time and carefully arrange objects to make perfect composition, be aware of colors and textures, see the image through the screen. I follow a lot of talented people there, with amazing galleries.
Instagram is a perfect tool to be a better artist and to be able to share exciting moments with others.

watercolor florals

experimenting with wood surface

watercolor florals