Endless book : little bit of pink

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Work in progress

House quilt : progress

Before and during the hand quilting of this blue "house" quilt. 
I am having too much fun! 
Despite on that it is a slow process that requires special lighting and some room 
(not to mention the cats that are crawling from everywhere to the quilt), 
I manage to stitch away almost every evening...

Ready for quilting

Hand quilting in progress

Watercolor sketchbook

Little watercolor painting of a desert today... it is getting hot out there and I wonder where and how I will be doing my sketching...

Watercolor sketch

Endless book

Next segment of the endless book which still need to be attached to the previous page and is progress.
Previous pages could be seen here

Endless book continuation

Point Loma, California, new skirt and old shoes

I made this summer skirt from different voile pieces to satisfy my love for colorful fabrics.
The old Converse shoes that have been on trips with me forever are my favorite pair.
A straw hat and a sketchbook, and I am all geared up. 

Summer skirt and sketching gear

Summer voile skirt

the lighthouse

At the lighthouse

At the lighthouse
My quilter's soul could not ignore these Cath Kidston shoes so I just had to get a pair!

New shoes

They do match all my quilts!

Blue houses

I have started a new sewing project. This will be a quilt of two colors only, blue and cream.
I think it is a nice combination, what do you think?

New sewing project this weekend

I have sewn some practice blocks past weekend and decided to keep going with the pattern and the fabric choice. I think I am getting addicted.
Good thing I have a lot of blue prints, I have been collecting them for a long time just in case.
Time to put cut into them!

New sewing project this weekend

New sewing project this weekend

New sewing project this weekend