Colors and textures of December

Sunny Las Vegas looks very festive in December
Shiny, stylish and elegant.







Christmas greetings

I am sending a dozen of handmade cards to my friends and family as I have done last two Christmases.
So much fun to go through the process of making them.
Get an idea, lay out, waste some good paper, paint, wait till it's dry,
write the greetings, glue, you know... 
The White Rabbit is staying with me, though. He has been a good friend and really supportive. 
I might make some digital copies someday!

Handmade Christmas cards

Handmade Christmas cards

The White Rabbit

It is green, very very green

Despite the fact that the green is not my favorite color, I still like the quilt,
because it is warm and hand stitched.
The cats like it, too! 
They don't care.

One more quilt is done
Cats they are everywhere
Close up on the handquilting

Chocolate for inspiration

Chocolate, caramel and coffee are the colors for this next quilt. 
So far it is fun to just look at the fabric swatches - warm, delicious and so Christmas.

...and some chocolate

Batiks and prints all in brown color palette

Chocolate brown color combination

Cassandra likes it, too

Colors and shadows of the desert

Colors of the desert

December collection of colors, shapes and shadows.

Sidewalk shadows
In the shade of the cactus
Desert plant
Rocks and clouds
More on the imaginary flowers
inspired by J.Frank's designs

Imaginary plants sketchbook


Sketchbook illustration for December 1st.
Happy last month of 2013, everybody!