Google Reader is Blogger Reader?

I don't understand this, can anybody tell me if the Google Reader is the same 
as the Blogger reading list? 
I am using mine since I got this blog most of the times as a part of my blog (I guess) 
and I also have a Bloglovin account just in case. 
Is Blogger Reader going down, too?  So confusing!
I just start getting used to the new "improved" Flickr look - not happy with it. 
Then the other day I got a chance to see the new Windows 8 on the new computer - horror! 
I guess it is a part of "getting old" process - not to like the changes!

Sewing machine cover

After seeing so many inspiring quilting blogs pictures this week I went ahead and made my beloved sewing machine a patchworked cover. So, now when I am away from my sewing table I can leave it nice and neat. One side is hexagons and the other side is Union Jack design. I thought it would look nice quilted. 
Crafting weekend


Crafting weekend




Hexagons are definitely fun to sew, I might consider it for my future projects... 

Blue dress


I really like the pattern on this vintage inspired blue dress, worn by a Russian fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko. I was thinking to make a dress like that. But then I just painted it instead. Anastasia looks as great as an original model if not better. 

Life on Sunday...

...consists of doing fun stuff. 
I am working on the new quilt full of teacups and teacups only
and the new watercolor illustration,
so that is all I can show you for now! 
Stay tuned for the progress and have a great week, everybody!

Teacup quilt in progress

Teacup quilt details


Quilt with flowers

I finished this baby yesterday, took some happy pictures with my daughter  and am ready to use it.
Finally I made a quilt for myself specifically to cuddle with my cat while watching TV.

New qulit

New quilt

New quilt

New quilt

New quilt

This was the first block I made back in March with no specific idea, then I just went for it and wasted few days re-arranging blocks and colors. Looks little childish, but fun!
And I finally have a lap quilt, whoohoo!

First block