Last day of May

June is starting tomorrow. May 2013 was a beautiful month, I am very happy with how it went, too bad there are only 31 days in it! 
Love May, every year something exciting happens in May. Like this year was my daughter's graduation from UNLV! So proud!

Hope to have bright and colorful June!

So I felt like painting something colorful, mixing colors and  trying new ideas. 
Stay inspired and have a great June, everybody!

Drawing flowers

I am so inspired by lush flora of Maui, where we stayed for 1 week last week, that I think I have enough material for sketching, drawing and painting for the rest of the year! I wish I could stay there longer or become a bird and live in a botanical garden forever! 
I drew the hibiscus flower in graphite and got carried away. 
It is now an illustration for IF's topic "Tension".
Here is a flower in progress and the final drawing made it to the header of my blog!

Pencil flower

Here are some photographs I have taken while wandering around in awe in the local Maui botanical garden  (which is located off of the way to Hana, btw)

Flowers of Hawaii
Flowers of Hawaii
Flowers of Hawaii

"Liquid" for Illustration Friday

Conveniently, the topic of this week is "Liquid" that is perfect for somebody like me, who is still on ocean vacation mode. Waves rule!


And the giveaway winner is...

Number 5!!

photo (1)


This lovely sketchbook covered with a linen
handmade cover is going to Lori @ StudioWaterstone !!
Fullscreen capture 5122013 64826 PM.bmp

Happy Mother's Day, Lori!
Please, contact me about the shipping details.

P.S. I feel sooo bad about that only one person gets to win.
Next time I will have more prizes to win, like 10 or 15.. For everybody! 

"Tribute" for Illustration Friday

I did not think long about what to illustrate this time - my favorite book came to my mind at once.
I have been in love with "100 hundred years of Solitude" since it was first published. IF "Tribute"

Mother's Day giveaway

Anybody wants this pretty Canson sketchbook to live in their purse? 
It is 4" x 6", paper weight 96g, suited for any dry media. 
I made a nice patchworked linen cover for it, 
would look super cute in hands of a happy recipient for Mother's Day
(or anybody who wins:)

Leave your comment here, 
be my follower
and I will announce the winner on Sunday!

Разыгрывается дорожный скетчбук размером 11см х 16см,
плотная бумага, в хэндмейд обложке из льна и пэтчворка.
Чтобы выиграть - оставь здесь свой комментарий и будь моим follower.
Победитель будет обьявлен в воскресенье.

Sketchbook giveaway

Preparing for the trip..

My little Hawaii vacation is coming in 2 weeks, yey!
In preparations for the trip I am putting together my drawing set and thinking how to minimize the quantity and improve the quality..never an easy task. 
As well as sketching in open, which I still feel a little awkward about. 
Have to work on this, too and bring back some pages that I won't be ashamed to blog!


So far I got a new moleskin to fit in my bag and started filling it with practice sketches to see how the format works for me. I have been using different brands and sizes for the past few years and still can't say I found the very special and only one. They all good.
My only requirement now is that the sketchbook should fit in my bag as well as my pencils, camera, phone, etc. Sigh..

This moleskin works well for the purpose.
So excited!


Pencil roll