"Train" for Illustration Friday

So, today's topic is "Train". 
Which sounded little "Bluh" and I procrastinated till the very last moment. Then luckily I got the idea to associate the "Train" with an "Anna K" character and  it made me motivated.


New in my shop - pencil rolls

I love playing with my art supplies, organizing and re-organizing them in different ways..
So as all of you! Right?
Cute boxes, holders, special containers, zipped cases and pouches..
Well, I thought I did not have something
convenient that I would be able to use outdoor for sketching..
I have decided to sew a roll up case for my art tools over a year ago, I even have had a little giveaway here on my blog and was happy to find out that my dear readers did like it, too!

Well, it proved to be a handy accessory for sketching and doodling somewhere outside. 
Now all I need on a plein air day is a sketchbook
and this pencil roll thrown in my bag and I am all set!
I usually stuff it with a lot of colored pencils, few short watercolor
brushes, markers, liners and an eraser.
I can sit on the sloped surface and not worry that my pencils will scatter away.
Just enjoy the sketching, weather and scenery. 

Pencil Roll organizer

So, I am adding a new category to my on-line shop on Etsy.

Read the full description here:

I am offering 5 different fabric choices for the interior fabric,
shown in the round swatches.
Isn't it super cute?
Stay tuned as I am going to have little something
for Mother's Day (hint-hint)!!

Wild for IF


The blue cat keeps sneaking in every illustration recently..
I don't know why and afraid he is not going to leave soon.
Well, this time a purple mouse came to the picture to represent 
a "Wild" topic for IF.
Hope feathers and the necklace made him wild enough:)


My roses start showing up finally and I cut the peach one to keep it on my desk, 
so fragrant!

Monday cat..

..and some color inspiration



 I am so in love with the bold colors of the Russian traditional shawls. 
I need to get one! 


...for Illustration Friday project.
I was inspired by the article in Martha Stewart's magazine 
about how much fun it is to grow your own chicken.
I believe her, especially as I am getting older,
the idea of having some chicken one day would be a lot of fun.
Just for eggs, as I am a vegetarian!