Happy Easter!


Hope you all have a nice Easter weekend!

Some quilting in progress this week

While quilting this baby quilt I was thinking about if I needed a computer software on designing quilt patterns.. This quilt is coming out like a pretty one but I have expected something different. I have sketched the pattern before I started it, but it was not easy to visualize the whole picture. Oh well, this would be a "just a cute blanket" blanket.



Egg painting

Little fun with painting on eggs with markers today. 
I found my dishes and coffee cups are a good match.
Combined they made my Sunday more colorful.


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Another good day


The spring finally started its job in my neighborhood.
My favorite plum trees are blossoming, roses are sprouting even after I have pruned them a little too short, new plants are waiting to be planted.
I have been a bit struggling to grow decent looking plants in the desert (since I am in Las Vegas), but herbs showed good results from previous years. So this year I am planting more herbs.
And I started to paint the eggs!


It is already March out there and it is perfectly appropriate to look at and adore some flowers and objects covered with flowers, because there is never too much of them, right?

     floral dress

Morning -- by Yellena James

wild lion    

Have a happy March, everybody!