Watercolor love.

I can't decide on a quilt pattern yet, I just want to play with this 
so insanely beautiful fabrics from Hoffman Fabrics.

Octoberfest Batiks Summer Watercolors Yardage SKU# 1895-339    Tide Pool Batiks Aquarius Mottles Yardage SKU# 839-536  Tide Pool Batiks Seagull Damask Woodchop Yardage SKU# K2437-489  Pink Willow Batiks February Chrysanthemum Yardage SKU# K2451-587  Backwoods Batiks Squash Chops Yardage SKU# 885-460  Fandango Batiks Green Tonal Riding Horses Yardage SKU# 4214-203  Fall Festival Batiks Harvest Rose Brocade Yardage SKU# 2372-116  Dancing in the Rain Batik Splash  Solid Yardage SKU# 42090-101
 Dancing in the Rain Batik Mud Puddle Bliss Yardage SKU# 42090-23   Glacier Holiday Batiks Aqua Large Poinsettias Yardage SKU# 2397-41

I am definitely inspired to start a new project based on the water colors.


This was the last little painting in my sketchbook, the new one awaits.

Less color, more texture

My roses still have some bloom left, but start fading down and preparing for a short winter.
The white climbing rose is one of my favorite, its creamy white petals are falling down and I don't clean them
because they look beautiful on the patio floor. 


The desert look colorless now but it has a lot of textures.
The only bright  is the Cerulean blue - the color of the sky.

How to make a pincushion

Here is my first tutorial ever.
 I decided to show how to make a pincushion, because it could be a nice little Christmas gift if you do it in green/red colors combination or any other colors of your choice and it is useful for somebody who sews.
It is easy and fun.
You will need :
  • fabric scraps
  • metal lead from a pickle jar
  • small patch of batting
  • glue gun to glue fabric to metal
  • paper
  • piece of foam or bunch of batting clippings

Find a metal jar lead. Outline it on the piece of paper.
Make a grid if you want to do a paper pieced top.
If not, find a nice colorful patch and outline it.

Do the paper piecing, follow the lines more or less.

Make a round stitch along the circle line. Cut the circle out.

Sew the top and the side panel together, using a 2.5 inch strip for "the walls", 
connect the ends as shown below.

Find a piece of foam, upholstery foam or just a bunch of batting clippings 
enough to fill the volume of the pincushion.
In my case it is a round piece of foam left form some electronic packaging.

Wrap it with fluffy batting.

Insert your foam with batting in the outside part of the pin cushion. 
The metal lead is the bottom of your pincushion.

That's how it looks from the bottom.

Glue the fabric allowance to the metal lead with hot glue,
stretching the fabric a little.

Allow to dry and then glue a fabric circle on top to cover the metal bottom.

Your pincushion is ready.

Bird of Paradise and Christmas colors

I have been looking for something new to paint and make a new header for my 
in Christmas colors, like poinsettia, but was not inspired by it too much.
My daughter gave me some exotic flowers for my BD and among them was this stick of 
Bird of Paradise flower that was perfectly in red-green combination!
So I will be changing my Pumpkin header that I painted almost 3 months ago to the season inspired 
Bird of Paradise Flower.

Here is my 2012 Fall header, I am taking it down tomorrow!
fall 2012

I am loving my new Prismacolor set of 72 pencils! 
They give a nice rich color and great smooth blending.
Even this drawing is made on a cheaper sketching pad paper, 
the complete drawing looks just fine,
I am glad I gave it a try.

And here are some pictures I made form my last hiking trip to the mountains of Calico Basin near Las Vegas.
The winter in the desert still shows a lot of textures and colors.

A seashell and something amazing for my birthday.

This is my latest drawing I made with pencils,
of one of the seashells I brought back from our Oregon coast trip..
11"x14", Prismacolor pencils.
Sunday was my birthday.
Well, I stopped treating this day as something special sometime ago, so I had just a regular day off that was beautifully enhanced by a nice sunny and warm weather and I wanted nothing more!
I went for a hike to the Calico Basin national park and spent there best time ever. 
I took a lot of pictures that I will be retrieving little by little here, did some sketching and just enjoyed the views of the desert and mountains.

And then I went to a local art supplies store and found the box of 72 Prismacolors for 50% off and got myself a BD gift. Nice!

And then I went home and found that my friend has sent me two wonderful books that was on my wishlist and I have been craving for..
My favorite artist and a quilter Kaffe Fassett issued a book on quilts and his inspirational photography.
I am so in love with his color palette, the bright and carefree designs!
He is a perfect combination of an artist and a quilter, I find his style very unique, little kitschy
 in a good way and just very happy. 
And functional!
Everything I like about quilting is in his book.

The second books is insane, realistic paintings of imaginary creatures by Tiffany Bozic that get under your skin.

Thank you, Svetochka, for your amazing gift! 


End of the week pictures

All I can say about this passing week that it is about the year ending fast, the season changes to winter (even here in desert we have winters!), time to make new plans and think about what is done.
My BD is in few days, well .. another year.
My dear friend Svetlana is away in Ukraine helping her family to deal with her Dad's health problems and she is missed here where the other part of her family is needing her be with them, too!

So in order to make it a wonderful weekend I cooked some cozy foods, listed nice things of this week, sketched some cute cats and hung that Christmas quilt on the wall!
Life is good!


I really wish everything to go well over there and hope to see my friend soon.
Sveta is one of those rare people that bring balance, calm and cheer to others!
Here we are at the lake in spring of this year near Cold Creek, Nevada, hiking and adoring the desert views.
I miss you, Svetochka and see you soon!

She loves animals and the animals love her! Svetochka, your goats are missing you, too!