Here is my little contribution to a Halloween madness. I submitted this illustration to Illustration Friday pool.
I still hope to see one or two good Halloween movies and make another pumpkin pie and I am done with it!


I have been trying to make sketches every day for the past 6 months or so and managed to make 5 little drawings a week. Check them out here on Flickr.
Today I spent sometime finishing up the already started bigger watercolors that I hope to finish this week.  


The weather has been so great, sunny, warm and irresistible, it was impossible to stay home! We went to a farm to pick some fresh eggs and found none left! Apparently we were not alone in our attempt to get closer to the nature today.

Out in the park

The colors of the forest, and the creak, and the air, the sound of running water, all of that combined made it a precious time we spent up in Red Rock with my daughter.  
Nevada nature is extremely beautiful at the right season, I feel so bad I can't capture it with my humble watercolor skills. But I am inspired to practice! 

    10-27-12 c





Colors of fall and biscotti for tea and coffee

The weather is so beautiful here in Las Vegas, so sunny, and fresh, and calling to go for a stroll.
I made the biscotti I am sharing the recipe today, they go so good with coffee and tea, this treat became one of my favorite.





Mix all the ingredients. 
Make thick dough. 
Divide into three part, make rolls 1" dia.
Bake 35 min with 350F.
Cool down and slice diagonally.
Put back in the oven for 10-15 min with 350F again and dry to make them hard and crispy. 
Have a nice weekend!

Something for holidays

Finally, finally I came up with an idea and started working on it right away!
After postponing my own quilting projects but going through many many beautiful quilting blogs and accumulating ideas and inspiration I was ready to explode.
So this weekend I ended up cutting and putting together this my all time favorite "Lone Star" patchwork.
It already looks delicious, the combination of reds, greens and blue, all the prints mixed together in a little messy way, just like I like it! 
As much as I love looking at "modern quilt" images, clean, minimalistic 
and so conceptual, I still like a little mess of print mix, 
bold colors 
and kitschy flowers. 
Well, I have one sneak peek picture for now,  more are coming along with the progress.

New quilt project

10 things I liked this week


And there is a giveaway question - who is this cat?
The winner will get a reward! 

Seashells, sand and dunes..

I am having a lot of fun with the seashells I brought from the trip to the ocean in Oregon.










I have been practicing to take better photographs with my new camera, now I can enjoy the shots and can almost smell the ocean air looking at the pictures. Great place to meditate, be alone and take a break from crazy days in the city! 

More pumpkins

10-15-12 by Paisley Farm

                             I painted these little guys today in the morning and put them on my  header for the season. Aren't they cute?

Pumpkin Pie today

Today I took a courage to make a Pumpkin Pie for the first time!
The thing is this dessert is not of a "traditional" cooking for my Ukrainian background, where a pumpkin is a bare decoration piece of a village life  and a snack for cattle. But I have been very curious about this very popular treat and even mastered Pumpkin Soup recently...
So today I picked a recipe from the wide world of internet and went on experimenting.. 

collage 10-14-12


You will need:
Half of a medium pumpkin
1 tbls brown sugar
pinch of cinnamon powder, cardamon and nutmeg powder
1 egg
1 tbls of flour

2 handful of dates
1 1/2 handful of walnuts
1 1/2 handful of oats
1 slice of ginger
1/2 tsp of olive oil

Bake pumpkin cubes at 350 F till soft.
Prepare the crust by processing crust ingredients and spreading over the wax paper in the pie form. Leave in the fridge for 30 min. 
Process the cooked skinless pumpkin with spices, sugar and the rest filling ingredients till smooth. Cool down and pour over the chilled pie crust. Even out the filling, bake another 20-25 min at 350F. When done, let it cool and for the best result keep in the fridge for couple hours to solidify. 

Soo, it turned out very very tasty. The filling itself was heavenly good right after I blended it, it was good enough to it without going further. But the pie even after being in the fridge overnight was little too mushy, but tasty.
I think, I forgot to add flour to the filling..
Oh well, I am still looking for that Perfect Pumpkin Pie Recipe!

Our little trip to Oregon coast.. Some pictures..

3 weeks ago we came back from Waldport, Oregon, a tiny ocean front city where we stayed at the family-owned house and enjoyed the life for 4 days.
The town is very quiet, rustic and nautical, with a few sea food restorants and some gift shops. What they do have is coffee shops everywhere, for people passing by in their cars. Drive-throughs..


Gift shops



Awesome front yard arrangements..




Local farmers market surprised us with best tasting fruits and berries.




A view of downtown.. So cozy..