Book illustration  : characters

October 9, 2017

I am taking Lilla Rogers' illustration class and this is the first week's assignment.

I have decided to write about this class and my experience on the blog, 
because first of all I need to talk things over with myself 
and see the overall picture better.
And I invite you to read my ramblings and see the behind the scenes 
bits and pieces!

book illustration

First week of the 5-week class was about developing the main character for the story. 
I selected to work on a story about a little turtle searching the moon light. 
It has a lot for imagination, and what I like the most that there are countless 
possibilities to illustrate landscapes, seascapes, forests and all kinds of plants and flowers. 

The text is written by Zoe Tucker, one of the class instructor and an art director. 

I am going to share my final submission for each week as well as work-in-progress pictures. 
I will be working on certain techniques and hopefully come up with a way that is 
most suitable for my style. 

So, first of all, I have decided to start with a mini sketch/painting of a general view 
and to see what colors would work for this story and what ideas
would pop up in my mind.
I let the objects and characters work on themselves, 
talk to each other and have their own life.
This is how my brain works, apparently. 

Even though this is week's piece has been submitted to the gallery, 
I already see what I want to change. 
I start learning to have a clearer image in my mind 
and it is big step forward.
So, back to work and see you next time with the new illustration to this story!

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