Before and after

October 6, 2017

I really like to see when artists show how their style changed/progressed 
over the years. Not many people share these things, though.

First years of student work could be something to hide or destroy. 
I cleaned my studio space recently and threw away boxes of old papers. 
I kept only a small stack and some sketchbooks that contain ideas
that I can re-use somehow later.

But it was fun to compare my two works on a same subject.

Graphite and watercolor on paper, 2013.

I have been interested in this human/abstract/fantasy nature mixture
and attempted to draw this robot head, struggling with 
the medium, color and the story. 
I have found my medium.
The color is ever changing, but it is not a foreign language anymore. 
The story is always here, I just need to tune in.


Acrylic on paper, 2017.

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