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September 11, 2017

Last week I posted on Instagram some of my progress pictures as well as finished works.


I am going to try and sync my blogging with Instagram feed so that I have 
a better record of everything I have been doing lately and give little more 
explanation for those of you who follow me on both platforms.
Instagram is not meant for long texts under the images,
when the blogging is good exactly for this purpose (too bad it is getting less popular).

These works here don't have clear titles, because they are mostly 
color and shapes explorations. 
Woods painting in progress

I started with mixing paint to see what color palette I was going to like 
based on green/ grey/ brown shades. 

Woods painting in progress

Then the characters took place.
They are parts of some story that I don't really have control over, 
the images just visit me when I am ready to place them on prepared backgrounds 
and they tell me how they want to be shown.
Untitled 12"x9"

in progress

I have been trying to keep some kind of consistency of my artwork lately 
in regards of a subject as well as colors and techniques.
I look at it as a step forward and also the consistency makes my practice little easier. 
For quite sometime I felt like all over the place in my painting/drawing style and it was frustrating. 
Now I can understand that probably it is just a phase that I need to go through and it is quite typical for artists. 

Thank you for visiting my blog!
Talk to you later.

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  1. Your artwork and process is interesting to watch as it progresses and changes.