Getting in the Christmas mood

December in Nevada is not looking very Christmasy, and it takes a little effort to imagine that there is snow somewhere. Christmas tree decoration does the trick, as well as doing some crafting like doodling over a wooden deer head! 

morning coffee

Morning coffee and joirnaling

Doodling with white acrylic on wood

Just in time for cold weather

I love scrappy quits.
I love to throw lots of prints in one block, to mix colors, patterns,
textures and flavors and see how it is going to cook look together.
The idea for this quilt was to use up my collection of bits and pieces of brown prints 
I gathered over the years (about 10 of them) of my quilting. 
The Lone Star design is ideal for this purpose as it turned out.
I made 9 perfect stars, all spontaneous and different, no 
planning ahead, just like I love to do most of my quilts.

Brown Quilt

So for this season my house is equipped with chocolate and caramel inspired soft goodness.
I made it almost as big as a king size to be used as an everyday blanket
unless I make a new one for summer.
It has wool batting, oh baby!

Brown Quilt

The quilting part was a challenge, but I pushed through and finished. 
My machine did not like it, though!

Brown Quilt

Happy Holiday season, my quilting friends!

Brown Quilt