Quilts in 2014 - year review

Sunday sewing

Time to recap my quilting of the 2014. 
Totally I have sewn 7 quilts, 3 of which are big and 4 smaller ones.
It is a mystery to me how some blogger-quilters produce up to 20 quilts a year! 
(I follow a lot of quilting blogs and am amazed by the productivity out there!)
I will share some pictures today here, but all my quilting life is fully recorded and catalogued in Flickr albums.
All my finished quilts on Flickr

2014 quilting recap

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The year of 2014 has started with this amazing, warm, full of fun details "T's House" quilt, which was a custom order and now it lives in T's house! Hope this quilt is warming your evenings, Tame!

T's House quilt

End of the week

Finished quilt

T's House Quilt Flickr album


Then I made the "Blue Domiki" House quilt and later I wrote a pattern that is downloadable here.
Hand quilted with love. Now it hangs on the wall in my sewing room and is pleasing my eyes so much. So cute.

Blue house quilt

back and front textures

Close up on the hand quilting

House Block sewing instructions

Blue Domiki Quilt Flickr album


The next one I made was my dream Red and Blue quilt. My ideas was to use up my favorite fabrics I have been collecting specifically for this quilt for years and to have this crazy color combination all in one quilt. I fulfilled this dream and now I enjoy hugging, and cuddling and just looking at it as it hangs over the banister of my stairs and illuminates the house with its brightness. This quilts will stay  with me in all the places I will ever live, it travels with me to vacations and it is a part of my life.

Hexagon rows

Scrappy hexagon quilt , love the look and texture

Scrappy hexagon quilt , love the look and texture

My cat on the quilt

Scrappy hexagon quilt , love the look and texture

Red and Blue Hexagon Quilt Flickr album


Then I made another hexagon quilt, with the fabric I stashed away long time ago and was very happy to find that fat quarter bundle and to cut it up. Amazing high quality fabric from Moda with sweet Frnch shabby pastel patterns.
The quilt was gifted to my friend and lives in her home.

New hexagon quilt

Making a label for a quilt


These are the my quilts in 2014, there are a couple more finished and unfinished works that I did not photographed or could not show now.
I will be adding more photos and updates to this post, so come back!

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  1. I love each one of your beautiful quilts an your wonderful photos.