2015 : Introduction

The new 2015 year has just begun and I thought it was appropriate to write an introductory post for my new visitors and followers. 
My name is Sofia, I am a Ukrainian-American living in Las Vegas, Nevada for the last 15 years. 
Before that I lived in Ukraine where I was born and raised. 
I love the two countries very much and the experience of living in both worlds gives me the chance to see a bigger picture. 
My background is a mix of art, science and crafts. 
Having degree in Civil Engineering allows a nerd in me to love lines, details and proportions. 
The creative side of me loves colors, textures and textiles. 
I am a self-taught artist and a quilter.
My inspiration comes from world cultures, artists' sketchbooks, modern art, music, movies and what I can see in the window. 
I am amazed by creativity of the world wide artistic community. 
This blog is my informal portfolio on 
-pattern design


Last year I fell in love with the world of pattern design, which is closely 
related to my all time passion for fabric and everything made with fabric. 
This year I will continue my exploration of the 
endless and exciting possibilities of patterns and I will be blogging 
about it among all my usual topics. 
And of course, I will make more quilts! 







Quilts in 2014 - year review

Sunday sewing

Time to recap my quilting of the 2014. 
Totally I have sewn 7 quilts, 3 of which are big and 4 smaller ones.
It is a mystery to me how some blogger-quilters produce up to 20 quilts a year! 
(I follow a lot of quilting blogs and am amazed by the productivity out there!)
I will share some pictures today here, but all my quilting life is fully recorded and catalogued in Flickr albums.
All my finished quilts on Flickr

2014 quilting recap

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