House Block tutorial : free download

As I noticed in quilting magazines, on the web, and especially on Pinterest
the little houses are never out of fashion. At least for the last 200 years!

Plus, they are relatively easy to make if you have a pattern. 
The fabric combination is pretty easy, too - only two contrasting colors and lots of fun scraps.
Here is my version of this timeless cuteness, you can download the pdf document from here
by clicking on the image below, and it will open a 7 pages tutorial.
You can download, print and use it for free.
 (For personal use only)
PDF tutorial on the house block

House Block sewing instructions

Blue house quilt

Earlier this year I finished this quilt, all the posts about the progress are here
 I happened to love my blue hand-quilted House Quilt and I thought it would be a good idea 
to clean up the original drawing and write down some directions.

I know I will get back to this block again later to make another quilt, bigger (of course) 
and with different colors, and will definitely need  printed instructions in front of me
in order to save time and not to mess up the measurements.

Please, feel free to leave a comment and to share your house block experience here or on Pinterest!
I would looove to see all the house quilts in the world.


  1. Hi Sofia,
    Thank you for the great House Block Tutorial!!!
    Your lovely fabrics and pattern have given me just the inspiration that I needed ,
    kind regards from,
    Robyn :) (Sydney , Australia)

    1. Hi Robyn, thank you for stopping by and welcome to my blog! I am glad that you found this tutorial helpful and please share your house blocks:))

  2. Соня, привет!
    Наконец-то дошла до этого поста. Мастер-класс прекрасный! Я его точно частично использую в следующем квилте. Спасибище!!!

    1. Привет, Нина! Я очень хотела бы, чтобы кто-то провел испытания этого мастер класса! А то даже не знаю, может зря старалaсь;))))
      Так что если будешь по нем шить, то держи меня в курсе, если есть какие то ошибки и так далее. И спасибо за то,что зашла в гости!

    2. Соня, я постараюсь! Не знаю пока, в каком объеме и насколько быстро, но обязательно напишу все впечатления.

  3. These are lovely and thank you for sharing, but there is something I want to understand. If this design has been around for 200 years there must be no copyright assigned to anyone, so why are they for personal use only. I don't wish to use the pattern to sell or anything like that but this is something I have always wondered and not really understood. Is it a person's own particular way of doing the pattern that is for personal use only?

    1. It is for personal use the same way as if you bought a book in a store with patterns in it and made a quilt for yourself. A designer created a pattern and it is copyrighted to the designer. A "House Block" has been around in different versions, but this particular block I am showing here on my blog is my design meaning it has a unique layout and measurements that I created.

  4. I love house block quilts, thank you for sharing, the small size is perfect, I enjoy working with small pieces.

  5. This is adorable, saw it on pinterest and I love the colors. Thought you might not know that the pages are out of order, not a big deal, but page 7 comes before 6 in the PDF. Thanks for taking time to make the tutorial, it is really well done.