August 24, 2014

Hexagon Quilt : how and what

Scrappy hexagon quilt , love the look and texture

I have finished this loveliness a couple of weeks ago and posted 
most of the pictures on my Instagram feed.  
For this quilt I used various blue and red fabrics I have collected through the years 
of my fabric obsession. I machine pieced 6 1/2"  hexagons and machine quilted using Aurifil tread.
I used a plastic template to cut the pieces.

Sewing in progress

I really like the idea of using random looking scraps 
and mix them up in a salad of a quilt, there is something about it. 

Scrappy hexagon quilt , love the look and texture

Scrappy hexagon quilt , love the look and texture

For the borders I used my very precious Garden Party yardage I saved for a special occasion. This print is discontinued and a part of the Phillip Jacobs line for Westminster Fabric. 
I left the selvage strip shown with the name of the collection to remember and adore. 

Me and the quilt

Scrappy hexagon quilt , love the look and texture

For the back I used Sausalito Cottage Pink fabric by Lakehouse Dry Goods 
with the adorable shabby rose print I could not resist.
Machine quilting made it more durable (I hope) but I still like hand-quilted look better, 
I wish I had time to hand-quilt all my quilts. 
Anyway, this blanket is by far my favorite among all 5 quilts I have in my house right now.

Sausalito Cottage 13001 Pink By Lakehouse Dry Goods - Holly Holderman


  1. This is one those quilts really love. Your rich colours have worked wonderfully together. Your 6 1/2" hexagons - is that a measurement along each side or from one side of the hexie to the opposite side? Did you have any troubles sewing the 'Y' seams?

    1. Thank you so much, Karen! Yes, my hexagons are 6 1/2" across from side to side. The "Y" seams did not give me any trouble!:)) overall this quilt is very easy once you have your fabrics ready.

    2. Thanks Sofia - I think there may be one similar in my future.....

  2. Just beautiful. I love the organic feel of randomness in pattern.

  3. Love this quilt, so bohemian!