First 2014 finished quilt

T's House quilt

I was very lucky to have the nicest customer, T., who gave me the complete freedom to create this quilt with the fabric choices and the colors that I proposed.
Thank you, T!
Her only wish was to add an owl somewhere in the design.
Such a nice idea! I love how the owl looks hovering above the main house!

T's House quilt

It started out as an idea in a drawing based on this older and much smaller quilt, that I made last year. 
Because I liked how the brown background make all the colors pop, I decided to just go with the same color combination to make a bright and cozy quilt.
I think chocolate brown background is VERY cozy!
I used lots of different prints and batiks, like I did on the smaller quilt.


I made star and house blocks, that I have been showing here on the blog...

New quit in progress...

It grew and grew..

...then I added some ivies and leaves...
End of the week

 ...and my cat was curious about it...
T's House quilt

...and here is the full view after a bit of struggling with photographing, cropping and color adjusting...
T's House quilt full view

I am so happy to know that this quilt will become a part of somebody's life, will bring warmth and coziness
as all quilts are meant.


  1. I love the way you added the owl. What an amazing quilt!

  2. А!!! Сова обалденна!!! Очень-очень-очень круто!!! )))

  3. It's beautiful! The colours are vibrant and pop together. Lovely to have the freedom to create like this and your customer will be thrilled. The owl and blue birds are my favourite pieces.

  4. Соня, обалденный квилт!!! Очень красивый по цветам и по дизайну!! Сова вообще какая-то нереальная. Она - аппликация?
    Очень понравилась ткань в главном домике - такая твоя :))) Представляю, сколько в него вложено, в этот квилт. Браво от меня в общем :))) !

  5. it looks stunning :) so beautiful, and I love the back and the OWL!!! And the first quilt of 2014!!!!! YAY :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful. I love how you incorporated the owl in the design of the quilt. This quilt is amazing.

  7. So great! I love the colors and composition!