I looked through my recent photographs and art and found that I have more orange color in them then before. It is weird how the season effects my inspiration, even here in Nevada we are not even near the trees changing color from green to yellow and red, but my inner biological calendar telling me that it is time for that.
I wish there were more of those colors around, may be that is why I buy orange fabrics and paint fall inspired images. Here are some little watercolors I have done last two weeks and my "orange" quilt is coming along, too. 
I love everything orange these days!

Mini watercolor paintings

Orange for October

Mini watercolor paintings

Mini watercolor painting

I received these cards from my friends that we exchange hand made cards with...
Beautiful red rooster from Galina! And post cards from Tallinn - beautiful Estonian town.
Thank you, girls!  

Hand made greeting card


  1. I really enjoy your work adn your unique style. The houses painting in the frame is my favortie, it's wonderful! Orange is a temperamental color, I think. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I really don't like it. I love how you used it here!

  2. I'm with you - so ready for fall and SO love orange! Your paintings are just beautiful.