Google Reader is Blogger Reader?

I don't understand this, can anybody tell me if the Google Reader is the same 
as the Blogger reading list? 
I am using mine since I got this blog most of the times as a part of my blog (I guess) 
and I also have a Bloglovin account just in case. 
Is Blogger Reader going down, too?  So confusing!
I just start getting used to the new "improved" Flickr look - not happy with it. 
Then the other day I got a chance to see the new Windows 8 on the new computer - horror! 
I guess it is a part of "getting old" process - not to like the changes!


  1. It's very confusing for everyone. I don't think you still visit my blog but I did blog about it recently and the commetns section really helped me figure out a lot of answers.

  2. I'm confused too---I didn't think Google Reader & Blogger reader were the same thing, but since Google Reader is no more, I suppose it must be. I don't like the new Flickr format either :( My daughter has Windows 8 on her laptop, and while she's used to it (she's 10), I certainly am NOT! HUGS---I hope you figure it out, then let us know!

  3. bleck on them both. Flickr's photos are too huge for my liking. Google + bugs me too. I haven't yet figured out either one of them. Change is frustrating. xxoxo. But, I still enjoy swinging by your blog. :-) I have Bloglovin' to thank for that!