I am not sure how..

..but suddenly 2 weeks went by!
There were so much going on  this month during my Dad's visit, us going places everywhere between Las Vegas, Los Angeles and San Diego that it sometimes did not feel like vacation even though it did look like vacation, weird.. It certainly feels like I need another vacation after the vacation I've just had, but it is not an option, so I just signed myself up for a yoga class to find some relaxation. No more vacations for me, please..
I really want to get back to a familiar life routine, find that new year resolution list, go through hundreds of pictures, start a new quilt and open my sketchbook. Missed my blogging, too!
In the meanwhile my favorite plum tree is getting ready to bloom. Always breathtakingly beautiful, every year it starts spring in the desert with the fragrant little blossom.


  1. Nice to see you back! I love spring, too. My peach tree is about to bloom, there is something about blooming trees that just makes me happy. Yours looks beautiful

  2. We've missed you!!! What a lovely blooming tree. Spring is near :)

  3. good on you for taking up a yoga class! xoxo wishing you rest and relaxation. can't wait for spring!

  4. sometimes time passes so fast and we don't even realize it...

  5. Sometime we need vocation to appreciate our regular life more. I'm glad we got you back.