A house block.

So, I googled "house block quilt" and got tons of pictures of this classic american block that I am going to incorporate in my new project.
 I made a drawing, thought about "how" and decided on paper piecing to try on a sample with some random fabrics from a scrap bucket.

Three and a half hours later..

house block

I have to make 12 of this blocks! Horror.


Last Monday we got together with my daughter Mila to start on our long anticipated project and carve some stamps. We were actually inspired by making exlibris for our books. Exlibris  is a little personalized stamp like a logo that says that this book belongs to so and so. But first we needed some practice before we attempt to place it on our books. We wasted some erasers and carving little squares before it started to look little better.
I managed to make feathers and flowers. I can stamp them now on my Etsy orders.