Fabric stash update.

I just could not pass on these gorgeous batiks from the local fabric store! They had a good sale and in general it is a store I simply love. 
Good thing it is located far from my house. 
Otherwise I would spend all my money there. 
Again, blue and deep fuchsia combination - make me warm and happy.
The pastel fat quarters are for upcoming baby quilt projects.
(I never have enough of babyquilts!)



  1. wow Sofia, these shades are stunning. I also love the fuchsia, blue combination. They are very vibrant.

  2. This fabrics a piece of art by itself. I wish you a lot of new beautiful projects in new year!

  3. I have quit a stash of batiks too. I love the rich colors, especially the deep oranges and mustards in my collection. I hate to part with any of them.

    1. Some fabrics are just for adoring them as a whole, not for cutting and then combining with other.. I always have to fight with myself to start cutting a beautiful fabric..