How to make a pincushion

Here is my first tutorial ever.
 I decided to show how to make a pincushion, because it could be a nice little Christmas gift if you do it in green/red colors combination or any other colors of your choice and it is useful for somebody who sews.
It is easy and fun.
You will need :
  • fabric scraps
  • metal lead from a pickle jar
  • small patch of batting
  • glue gun to glue fabric to metal
  • paper
  • piece of foam or bunch of batting clippings

Find a metal jar lead. Outline it on the piece of paper.
Make a grid if you want to do a paper pieced top.
If not, find a nice colorful patch and outline it.

Do the paper piecing, follow the lines more or less.

Make a round stitch along the circle line. Cut the circle out.

Sew the top and the side panel together, using a 2.5 inch strip for "the walls", 
connect the ends as shown below.

Find a piece of foam, upholstery foam or just a bunch of batting clippings 
enough to fill the volume of the pincushion.
In my case it is a round piece of foam left form some electronic packaging.

Wrap it with fluffy batting.

Insert your foam with batting in the outside part of the pin cushion. 
The metal lead is the bottom of your pincushion.

That's how it looks from the bottom.

Glue the fabric allowance to the metal lead with hot glue,
stretching the fabric a little.

Allow to dry and then glue a fabric circle on top to cover the metal bottom.

Your pincushion is ready.


  1. Great idea for Christmas! Thank you.

  2. Oh... it looks beautiful, great idea