End of the week pictures

All I can say about this passing week that it is about the year ending fast, the season changes to winter (even here in desert we have winters!), time to make new plans and think about what is done.
My BD is in few days, well .. another year.
My dear friend Svetlana is away in Ukraine helping her family to deal with her Dad's health problems and she is missed here where the other part of her family is needing her be with them, too!

So in order to make it a wonderful weekend I cooked some cozy foods, listed nice things of this week, sketched some cute cats and hung that Christmas quilt on the wall!
Life is good!


I really wish everything to go well over there and hope to see my friend soon.
Sveta is one of those rare people that bring balance, calm and cheer to others!
Here we are at the lake in spring of this year near Cold Creek, Nevada, hiking and adoring the desert views.
I miss you, Svetochka and see you soon!

She loves animals and the animals love her! Svetochka, your goats are missing you, too!


  1. 1. you are stunningly beautiful... 2. I love your header. 3. I love the desert so much...

    1. Thank you, Ana! I like your blog, I have seen it not long ago and then lost the link so I am glad you visited!

  2. My dearest friend, Sonia. I just open your blog first time after I got Ukraine with only wish to get my thoughts away from sleepless night with my poor papochka and it melted my heart to read than you are always with me and with my family. You can not believe how much it means for me. Thank you, for being my best friend. I'm so happy to be reminded that there is so many beautiful things to be greaftul about.

  3. Come back soon, mommy! Sonya, sounds like you had a great week!