Bird of Paradise and Christmas colors

I have been looking for something new to paint and make a new header for my 
in Christmas colors, like poinsettia, but was not inspired by it too much.
My daughter gave me some exotic flowers for my BD and among them was this stick of 
Bird of Paradise flower that was perfectly in red-green combination!
So I will be changing my Pumpkin header that I painted almost 3 months ago to the season inspired 
Bird of Paradise Flower.

Here is my 2012 Fall header, I am taking it down tomorrow!
fall 2012


  1. Your Bird of Paradise is amazing! So colrful and real. I'm going to miss your pumpkin header, hope it will be back next fall.

    1. Thank you, I will put it back up next fall just for you:))

  2. Beautiful! I love the colors.

    <3 Melissa

  3. Wonderful blog. I love your works.
    Greetings from Gasteiz, Basque Country.