A seashell and something amazing for my birthday.

This is my latest drawing I made with pencils,
of one of the seashells I brought back from our Oregon coast trip..
11"x14", Prismacolor pencils.
Sunday was my birthday.
Well, I stopped treating this day as something special sometime ago, so I had just a regular day off that was beautifully enhanced by a nice sunny and warm weather and I wanted nothing more!
I went for a hike to the Calico Basin national park and spent there best time ever. 
I took a lot of pictures that I will be retrieving little by little here, did some sketching and just enjoyed the views of the desert and mountains.

And then I went to a local art supplies store and found the box of 72 Prismacolors for 50% off and got myself a BD gift. Nice!

And then I went home and found that my friend has sent me two wonderful books that was on my wishlist and I have been craving for..
My favorite artist and a quilter Kaffe Fassett issued a book on quilts and his inspirational photography.
I am so in love with his color palette, the bright and carefree designs!
He is a perfect combination of an artist and a quilter, I find his style very unique, little kitschy
 in a good way and just very happy. 
And functional!
Everything I like about quilting is in his book.

The second books is insane, realistic paintings of imaginary creatures by Tiffany Bozic that get under your skin.

Thank you, Svetochka, for your amazing gift! 



  1. Happy Birthday Sofia! Sound like you had a great day. Awesome presents.
    Some time ago I was onto embroidery and I remember being attracted by Kaffe Fassett's colors and designs... His style!
    I will have a look at your other book, I think I will like it!

    1. Thank you, Maria Mercedes! I am sure you will find this second book very interesting and inspiring, the images are nature inspired and painted with an amazing attention to details.