Something for holidays

Finally, finally I came up with an idea and started working on it right away!
After postponing my own quilting projects but going through many many beautiful quilting blogs and accumulating ideas and inspiration I was ready to explode.
So this weekend I ended up cutting and putting together this my all time favorite "Lone Star" patchwork.
It already looks delicious, the combination of reds, greens and blue, all the prints mixed together in a little messy way, just like I like it! 
As much as I love looking at "modern quilt" images, clean, minimalistic 
and so conceptual, I still like a little mess of print mix, 
bold colors 
and kitschy flowers. 
Well, I have one sneak peek picture for now,  more are coming along with the progress.

New quilt project


  1. This looks so Christmasy allready! I want to start a little, simple quilt and I have an idea for it. I think I might do that instead of a scrapbook for our caft club... Will you help me, teach me how to do it right?

  2. I would like to get back to quilting on our craft nights. I would like to continue my project.

    1. OK! I will have to figure out a reward to keep you motivated!!